In the past month 300 girls in Nigeria were abducted to be sold as sex slaves because “education for women is evil,” a girl in Connecticut got stabbed after telling a boy “no” when asked if she’d go to prom with him, and now some self-proclaimed “supreme gentlemen” went on a misogynistic, mass-murdering rampage because girls didn’t want to sleep with him.

How the fuck could anyone possibly still think that we don’t need feminism.


Anonymous asked:

Would it be weird to ask what exactly Elizabeth said about Chloe when you met her because I'm so curious for some reason

ohdangitsang answered:

sorry this is a couple days late!! finally got to a computer but anyways on to answering!

hahaha no anon it’s fine

After I asked her to put “hail skimmons” she just started saying so many things at one time! she asked if we saw the uh-oh music video to which we said DUH and she was talking about how fun and funny chloe was on and off set and how her and Iain prank eachother on set it was great then she asked my friend and I if we knew how great she was and I was like “Yes we’ve seen your twitter” she laughed and was like “Yes well….”but the look on her face was like “Omg so you understand why I’m so obsessed with her” and she said more nice things about chloe till literally we had to be forced to walk away because everyone was waiting on usxD